Stock Car Cover ( The complete text from inside the tape cover )

Stock Car

Copyright © Program Power 1984

Loading Instructions:

To run the program:

1. If your BBC is fitted with a Disc or Econet Interface, 

return to the cassette filing system by typing:

*TAPE (press the Return key)

PAGE=&E00 (press the Return key)

2. CHAIN "" (press the Return key)

The program should then load into your computer and automatically run.

The Game.

Stock Car is a car racing game for one or two players with a choice of 6 different circuits to race around, variable skid (0-99%), selectable number of laps (1-40) and oil patches. The computer controls the two yellow cars (three in the one player game). Each car has 4 gears and the race starts with the cars in neutral. Your gear and the number of completed laps are displayed at the top of the screen as well as your speed in the form of a horizontal bar. In each gear you have a different acceleration and top speed. Remember to go down to first or second gear if you crash.


                                        Red Car                    Green Car
Change Up                              Q                              @
Change Down                          A                              *
Steer Left                                Z                           Delete
Steer Right                              X                           Copy
Alternativly you may use joysticks.

If you have problems:

When the program is loading into the computer (after you have entered *RUN, *LOAD, or CHAIN"") the message 'Searching' should appear on the screen followed by 'Loading' and the program name when the program is found. If the program name appears without the 'Loading' message or messages like 'Data?', 'Block' or 'Header?' appear, rewind the tape a short way and alter the volume level on the cassette recorder. If, after repeating this several times, the 'Loading' message still does not appear, try the second copy of the program on the cassette.

If, after trying the above, you are still unsuccessful or the program does not load very reliably, then return the cassette to us stating when and where you brought it, details about your computer (memory size, Operating System, any Interfaces fitted, etc) and which cassette recorder you have been using. These latter questions are important due to the frequent updating of the computer's specification.

WARNING: All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending or public performance of this software tape strictly prohibited.


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